Our English Teachers in Alicante

Our teachers are all native English speakers (for levels A2 and above) and are chosen for their experience and genuine passion for the English language.

The owner and principal teacher, Adrian, studied and gained certification and accreditation with Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Our teachers understand the Cambridge curriculum and exam process, which offers a proven course of learning through all levels including exam preparation, whether for Cambridge exams, the Official School of Language or the University.

For very young children at level A1 or below, our teachers are both fluent in Spanish as well as English to help them understand the grammar needed for English. When they reach A2 they continue their studies with a native speaker because only native speakers can teach pronuncation, intonation and the verbal skills required to communicate in English.

PET. FCE. KET. B1. B2. Cambridge University. Universidad de Alicante