English courses for professionals

English is the international language of business and offers incredible opportunities for professional growth and development. For businesses which need to expand or individuals looking for work at home or abroad study with Queens and change your life.

At Queens we offer four course of English for business.

Course One: integrates English for business with the language necessary for socialising and communicating with clients. Less intensive than our other business courses it is perfect for businesses who wish to communicate or socialise with English speaking clients, or the the individual looking for work abroad. Exam Cambridge BEC Preliminary, Vantage, Higher.

Course Two: focusses on functional English for business and is an excellent general course for businesses looking to expand their client base abroad. Exam Cambridge BEC Preliminary, Vantage, Higher, BULATS.

Course Three: is a specialist course designed for specific business purposes. This course offers businesses or individuals the ultimate in functional English for their chosen profession, and for those looking to live and work abroad. Exam Cambridge BEC Preliminary, Vantage, Higher, BULATS.
Options: Law, Nursing, Construction, Finance, Oil Industry and more, please ask.

Course Four: is a BULATS based course designed to prepare businesses and individuals for the BULATS exam. It is perfect for individuals looking to live and either study or work abroad, and is the official exam for immigration and citizenship for numerous English speaking countries including the United Kingdom. It is also ideal for businesses, for example lawyers, looking to open offices in the United Kingdom or any country where English is spoken. Exam, BULATS.

 Course Levels Exams
 One A1 – B2 BEC, Cambridge
 Two A1 – C1 BULATS, BEC, Cambridge
 Three A1 – B1 BULATS, BEC, Cambridge

For more information about BULATS and the Cambridge BEC click here.

Please note the timetable is flexible, click here for more information.

Course Books

English course books for professionals

PET. FCE. KET. B1, B2 en Alicante