How many students are in class?
It depends on the Group and timetable. We have 2 types of class, in one the maximum number of students is 5, in the other 12. But each student receives individual learning plans and is monitored constantly by their teacher to be sure they are progressing.

Are teachers native speakers?
All teachers at Queens are native speakers with British English pronunciation as this is most widely recognised in comparison to American English. We do however use listenings with many different accents.

How much speaking and listening do you do in class?
All classes are based on communication, you spend only about 10% of class time in silence doing exercises. Likewise there are listenings in every class.

How long before I can take an exam?
That depends on your level when you begin, and how much work you are willing to do. Your teacher will work hard for you, and is available whenever you need help. Some students have passed their exams in 6 months, others 10 months for B1 and B2. C1 is a very intensive level and typically takes 18 months, but again some students have passed after 10. 

How can I improve my listening?
Easy, listen to as much English as possible. Watch original version movies, watch serials (Game of Thrones, for example) and download a Radio application to your mobile and listen to BBC Radio 4. You can also come to our free conversation only classes and practice both listening and speaking!

What support do I get from my teacher?
We try to make sure that even though you’re not in class you still speak and write in English every day. Your teacher usually communicates with you every day, even when you’re not at school, to make sure you’re practising English. Your teacher also communicate with you after classes to help with any doubts or to give you more vocabulary, listenings, etc. It really is up to you how much you want to learn.

Do you prepare for exams?
We prepare students for all official exams. From your first class we are preparing you for the exam of your choice. Writings, Readings as well as Listenings and Speaking exercises are exactly the same as in your chosen exam so you become familiar and accustomed to the Exam even before you take it. We also offer Exam Practice classes for 8 weeks prior to your exam, where each part of the exam is analysed and the strategies and tricks needed to help you pass are taught. Of course you also do sample exams. We also offer individual classes if a student needs specialised help, and these are free.

If I register with a friend do you offer discount?
Yes. We offer discount for Friends and Family.

What resources do you provide?
Everything needed.